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Celebrating Pride Toronto

In celebration of Pride Toronto, InterContinental Toronto Centre and InterContinental Toronto Yorkville will be offering six unique cocktails inspired by the colours of the Pride flag during the month of June.

From peace movements to political demonstrations, the Pride flag has been a symbol to unite and empower people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Since its conception in 1978, the Pride flag has been used globally, celebrating diversity, inclusion and vibrant creativity along the way.

The colours of the Pride flag are as rich as its history with each colour of the flag signifying a unique meaning, including:

  • Red, the top colour in the rainbow flag, which represents life
  • Orange, represents – a symbol that is especially important for the community– healing
  • Yellow, represents sunshine, a message about being yourself instead of hiding in the shadows
  • Green, as in many cases, represents nature
  • Blue, when the flag changed from eight colours to six, it was replaced with blue, representing serenity
  • Violet (purple) the last stripe of colour on the flag represents spirit.

Each Pride cocktail was inspired by the meaning of each colour of the Pride flag. The names of the cocktails are as follows: Red Berry Fizz, Orange Marigold, Sunlight Martini, Nature’s Candy, Blue Harmony and Purple Prosecco.

The Pride Cocktails will run during the entire month of June and are available at Azure Restaurant & Bar inside InterContinental Toronto Centre (225 Front St. W) and at Proof Bar inside InterContinental Toronto Yorkville (220 Bloor St. W) for $14 per cocktail.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Jun 01, 2017
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