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As part of its newly launched 2017-18 Europe program, Contiki has introduced a limited edition series of three new itineraries for travellers to see Europe in new and exciting ways.

Informed heavily by research into millennial travel appetites, Contiki’s Limited Edition Summer Series is made up of three trips – Munch, which focuses on food experiences; SNAP, which focuses on photography; and Boutique Local, with a focus on going local in style with accommodations in boutique hotels.

The three new trips will have limited departures, with just two dates for Munch and SNAP, and three departures of Boutique Local running throughout summer 2017. Plans are underway to expand the series and departures further into 2018 and beyond.

Research conducted by Contiki revealed a millennial appetite for travel experiences that facilitate the learning of new skills, while offering heightened exclusivity and top quality inclusions, which led to the creation of the series.

Contiki’s full suite of Limited Edition Summer Series trips is available for sale now. As part of its 2017-18 Europe program, the three trips are eligible for the “Early Payment Discount” of 10% (a savings of up to $820) for those who book by Jan. 12, 2017.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 29, 2016
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