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Contiki has launched its new Europe 2019-2020 program, featuring 21 new European adventures – including its new 20-day London to London European Dream trip and new adventures in Israel, Jordan and Africa — simplifying its travel styles with an aim to make it easier for travel agents to book with Contiki and furthering its sustainability initiatives through Contiki Cares powered by TreadRight.

With the new changes, one aspect which sets Contiki apart which will never change is its longstanding dedication to providing real, local and unique experiences to 18-35-year-old young Canadians — no younger and no older.

From offering more exclusive No Regrets Inclusions, expanding its Munch food program and right down to providing its always socially connected travellers with more WIFI on its modern fleet of coaches, 2019 will see Contiki further strengthen its offering with enhanced experiences that will set the operator apart from others.
Sheralyn Berry, president of Contiki Canada, observed: “I always like to say that Contiki is often imitated, but never duplicated. We’ve been offering real, local and unique experiences to young travellers since 1962 and meeting people from all over the world with the same thirst for wanderlust and having an experience you’ll remember forever is something you just can’t get any other way. Our new Europe 2019-20 program will continue to deliver epic adventures, with your clients not needing to plan a thing, that offer unrivalled value.”

Along with new trips, Contiki will be unveiling a new travel style, dubbed Iconic Essentials, that will replace High Energy.

The new Iconic Essentials travel style will be centered around stretching the client’s budget. With only the essential experiences included, as well as simple but fun quad-share accommodation, the brand has been able to keep costs down while delivering the incredible Contiki experience and service that travellers have come to expect. It is about value without compromise.

However, where Iconic Essentials really comes to life is through its unique accommodation. In addition to Contiki’s Special Stay properties – such as their 16th century French château, their Swiss Chalet, and the newly renovated Austrian Gasthof Shoenick — clients will be bedding down in best-in-class hostels from brands such as Generator, Wombats, A&O and Via who are famed for their cutting-edge design and social spaces.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 27, 2018
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