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Inspired by Iceland is celebrating the success of The Icelandic Pledge initiative to encourage and inspire responsible travel behaviour from visitors to the country.

With the installation of a “Pledge Button,” visitors can now upon arrival in the country hit the button and commit to acting in a responsible manner during their stay in the country.

As a nation renowned for its natural beauty and as a global leader in its commitment to sustainability, The Icelandic Pledge from Inspired by Iceland takes an important step in spreading the country’s values to those visiting Iceland from all over the world and inviting them to carry these values back to their respective nations.

The Icelandic Pledge initiative – the first of its kind to be introduced by a country – has enjoyed success with over 30,000 visitors from more than 100 countries already signed up via the website online. The new addition of the button is hoped to further inspire Iceland’s visitors to operate responsibly whilst enjoying everything the country has to offer during their stay.

Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, director at Visit Iceland commented, “With this initiative, we are trying to positively influence the behaviour of visitors to our beloved country, as well as their understanding of the importance of sustainability and responsible tourism in Iceland. The initiative, led by Inspired by Iceland, is a very positive addition, and has seen early success. It is a pleasure to see that it is continued.”

The Icelandic Pledge covers six core aspects that promote responsible travel behaviour; respect for nature, exploration of new places, and leaving areas as you found them, avoiding driving or parking off the road, respect nature when taking photos, don‘t camp outside of designated areas, and always be prepared for the varying Icelandic weather.

The Icelandic Pledge Button is in the arrivals hall of Keflavik Airport.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Jul 12, 2018
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