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New Air France film

Air France has launched its new advertising film, France is in the Air, on YouTube ( The film is a continuation of the campaign the carrier launched in March 2014. Created by BETC , the ad conveys both Air France’s openness to the world and its pride in offering a unique French travel experience. With this film, Air France is reaffirming its idea of travel: a special, evocative and enchanting moment. A vision which is inseparable from the three values at the heart of the brand: caring, high quality and pleasure.

Frédéric Gagey, chairman and CEO of Air France, observed: “This new film carries many ambitions. Air France is celebrating its values in pictures and music to support the move upmarket of its products and services. Caring, high quality and pleasure, French-style travel has the best assets to deserve our customers’ preference and win over new markets.”

Travel Courier Issue Date: Mar 19, 2015
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