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New Zealand is in the midst of a global craze and there is no escaping as would-be Pokemon masters hunt for “rare and exciting creatures.”

Since the newest gaming craze ignited and spread across the planet, Pokemon have begun popping up in all sorts of mysterious places – revealing “New Zealand as a natural haven and the ideal environment to go after these critters on your way to becoming a Pokemon master.”

Not surprisingly, Middle-earth is a hotspot for Pokemon. “Hobbit holes, green pastures, vegetable gardens and still waters are the sanctuary of choice for cute critters. Local hobbits don’t seem to be interested in catching Pokemon so there are plenty to go around.

Jump on a daily tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set, stroll the pristine grounds and keep a wary eye out for Pikachu and his many friends. At least one has already been spotted inside Bag End. After a successful capture, celebrate with a drink at the Green Dragon Inn – you never know, there might be one hiding in there too.”


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 29, 2016
Posted in Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific