Rail Europe cyber sale biggest ever


Rail Europe, Inc. has launched its largest offering ever of “Cyber Deals” with five distinct offers on some of its most popular products, including the Rail Europe Gift Card.

This year’s offers include:

  • $100 off bookings that include select already-on-sale Eurail Passes and any sightseeing product.
  • $300 off First Class 2-adult Grand Train Tour of Switzerland package.
  • 30% off First Class Swiss Travel Passes (e-pass) & Swiss Transfer Tickets (e-pass).
  • 30% off Eurostar Standard Premier (first class) train tickets.
  • $30 Free on a $300 Rail Europe Gift Card (for a total value of $330).

The deals are available from Nov. 27 through Dec. 4.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Nov 19, 2015
Posted in Europe



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