Sunwing advises travellers to plan ahead


While most of the country may still be enjoying balmy, summer temperatures, the release of the latest, long range forecast by the 2016/2017 Farmers’ Almanac has served as a chilly reminder that winter is just around the corner.

Widely considered to offer one of the most accurate seasonal weather predictions, the Almanac has warned that winter 2016/17 could be one of the coldest yet and that Canadians across the country should be bracing themselves for below seasonal temperatures and above average snowfall throughout.

Sunwing’s Andrew Dawson, president of Tour Operations, commented, “We may have had a mild winter last year, but looking at our forward bookings so far it would be appear that Canadians aren’t willing to believe we’ll be so fortunate again. We’re already experiencing high demand for many of our most popular resorts during peak travel times such as Christmas and March Break. To secure your preferred resort and travel dates, it always pays to book early.”


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 08, 2016
Posted in Touring



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