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TICO conviction


Following an extensive ex-parte trial, Kyle Gaspari, o/a Executive Sports Company, was convicted of two counts of operating as a travel agent without registration, contrary to the Travel Industry Act.

Gaspari was sentenced to six months of incarceration on count No. 1 and three months of incarceration on count No. 2, served concurrently. In addition, a Restitution Order in favour of the victims was issued, for a total of $186,259.34.

Further, a warrant for Gaspari’s arrest was issued. Gaspari operated in Burlington and elsewhere in Ontario.

In other TICO news, 501159 Ontario Limited, o/a Executive Worldwide Travel, and Zakaria Sheikh were each charged with the following offences: 501159 Ontario Limited – with two counts of failing to hold customer funds in trust, contrary to the Travel Industry Act; Zakaria Sheikh – with two counts of failing to take reasonable care to prevent 501159 Ontario Limited from committing the offence under the Travel Industry Act.

Sheikh was manager and president of 501159 Ontario Limited, a registered travel agent under the Act. 501159 Ontario Limited voluntarily terminated its registration, effective July 13. Sheikh and 501159 Ontario Limited operated in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario.

The first court appearance in this matter is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2016 at the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Dec 24, 2015
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