TravelBrands sells Carte Postale

TravelBrands has signed an agreement to sell its North American division of Carte Postale to Tours Chanteclerc.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce today the purchase of Carte Postale Tours by Tours Chanteclerc. It is a natural transaction that is part of our quest to focus our product selection around our core business and to offer our travel agent customers the best service in the industry,” said TravelBrands CEO Frank DeMarinis.

“The synergy with Tours Chanteclerc, a leader in the North America travel sphere, is just perfect. This will allow the Carte Postale team to evolve and for Tours Chanteclerc to strengthen its presence in the Eastern part of the province with an office in Quebec City.”

During a transition period, agents will continue to contact Carte Postale and Tours Chanteclerc through their regular channels.


Travel Courier Issue Date: Sep 21, 2017
Posted in Touring



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