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Issue Date: Feb 03, 2020
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CGH Earth Experience Hotels

Transforming its guests one at a time


Canadian travel agents looking for something a little different for their clients looking for new and transformative travel experiences may want to consider CGH Earth Experience Hotels.

CGH (Clean, Green, Healthy) has 19 properties throughout Kerala, which is located on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, that offer experiential and wellness holidays to guests from around the world.

Shilu Mohanachandran, vice-president sales for CGH, was in Canada recently to get a better understanding of the Canadian market – not to mention the Canadian travel industry – in order to determine what kind of opportunities there were for CGH out of this market.

Mohanachandran told Canadian Travel Press that along with understanding the Canadian market, his visit was also about educating Canadians about what sourthern India had to offer to visitors.

“Just because you’ve seen the Taj Mahal and a tiger doesn’t mean that you’ve seen all of India,” Mohanachandran observed.

It’s a message that he’s bringing with him to Canadian tour operators, noting that his visiting is all about understanding how the sales process works in Canada and talking to tour operators about CGH and its properties and products.

From a B2C point of view, he noted, that it’s about seeing how CGH can communicate its message to Canadian consumers.

Along with tour operators, Mohanachandran was also meeting with several wellness companies, as CGH has a major wellness program in place.

He noted as well Kerala, where CGH hotels are located, not only offers the sun and the sea, it also offers a range of diverse experiences that he believes are the kind that Canadian travellers are looking for.

Luxury, he told CTP, is more than just the product, it is all about experiences and for the guests who stay with CGH, the experience is transformative.

As for the kind of traveller that CGH is looking for, Mohanachandran explained that it is the Alert Independent Traveller (AIT). The kind of traveller who does a lot of research; isn’t looking for a brand; wants to be surprised; and wants a holiday that is transformative.

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