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Issue Date: Dec 09, 2019
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It’s all about sustainable, solo and South America

Forecast 2020

The Travel Corporation (TTC)

The Travel Corporation (TTC) Canada’s president, Jeff Element, shares the top three travel trends he predicts for 2020.


This trend has been relevant for several years, and Canadians are showing no signs of slowing their sustainable travel goals for next year. With the growing concerns surrounding climate change, The Travel Corporation (TTC) works alongside the TreadRight Foundation to make travel a force for good. “TreadRight and TTC are guided by the ethos to #MakeTravelMatter, for people, the planet and wildlife so they remain vibrant for generations to come,” says Element. “Travellers are continuing to seek out brands and companies who go the extra mile to ensure their travel is both ethical and sustainable, and the impact their travel has is positive.”

Travellers aren’t only looking for meaningful and culturally immersive experiences anymore, they’re taking it a step further and valuing plastic elimination efforts, environmentally conscious companies, and companies that walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

“TTC, this year, took its plastic elimination commitment another step further in eliminating the sale of single-use plastic water bottles from coaches across its brands, encouraging guests to bring their own refillable bottle,” Element explains. “We also introduced the ‘Make Travel Matter’ Pledge, which our teams took around the globe to publicly declare our commitment to travelling consciously and sustainably and inviting our guests to join us.”


Solo travel is returning to the
forefront of travel styles for 2020, as it becomes more commonly linked to social travel. “Travel companies make solo travel less daunting, as they provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded travellers, and also take care of all the details so guests can solely focus on making memories,” says Element.

“This is especially enticing for millennials and Gen Z who are now reaching the age of independent travel and want the solo travel experience without actually doing it alone and explains why more than 50% of Contiki clients travel solo.” Another factor likely contributing to the rise of solo travel is the continuously growing popularity of off-the-beaten-path destinations.

“Destinations that are less traditional can be perceived as more difficult to explore as an individual traveller, but with companies like Contiki, Trafalgar or Insight Vacations, everything is planned for the traveller in advance, with the added benefit of natural connection to other travellers,” Element continues.


With a rich culture, unparalleled scenery, growing gastronomic scene and so much history waiting to be discovered, tourism in Latin America continues to rise. “Over the last few years, our respective brands have seen continually increasing interest in Latin American destinations,” says Element. “Peru quickly became a tourism hotspot, but now we’re seeing travellers open to exploring South America further and looking to second-city options. Specifically, Colombia stands out as an emerging destination.”

With everything from cobble-stoned colonial cities to breathtaking beaches, mountains housing ancient architectural marvels to the world’s largest and incredibly biodiverse rainforests, Latin America has something for everyone to explore, no matter their personal travel preferences. For 2020, Luxury Gold, Contiki and Trafalgar all introduced exciting new Colombia journeys, including new projects powered by TreadRight, as Element explains TTC is listening to the desires of its loyal travel agents’ clients.