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Issue Date: Nov 15, 2018
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Going solo made easy with Just You

Pictured above: Nicole Harvey and Nick Roberti were on hand to welcome those attending a recent Just You event in Toronto.


Just You – which uses the tagline “solo adventures together” – is the only tour operator in Canada specifically catering to those who wish to travel with a group, but without a roommate, he says. The company, which doesn’t charge single supplements, won’t book two people into the same room. Those wanting to share a room with a partner must book separate rooms, although they can still share a room, something that would leave one of the booked rooms empty.

“Right now, in Canada, we’re the only tour operator that’s focusing on solo travel,” Roberti told a recent Toronto reception.

Just You has been active in Canada for over a year, but was founded more than 10 years ago.
Roberti said those who go on Just You trips won’t feel isolated as “the tour manager works to make sure there’s an inclusive environment.”

He said solo travel is the fastest-growing travel trend, and has a large number of potential clients in this country, with a 2016 Statistics Canada survey stating that 52% of Canadians that year were either single, separated, widowed or divorced.

“This market is out there,” Roberti told attending travel agents. “They’re waiting for you to knock on their doors.”

Those who will be sharing a room with a stranger on other tour operator itineraries may worry that their roommate will snore through the night or face the more concerning possibility that they’ll “end up sharing with a weirdo,” Roberti said.

The average age of a Just You client is 63, with Roberti stating they’re “young at heart.”

Roberti said Just You has “taken some of the meals off” the itineraries, as clients sometimes wish to find their own restaurants.

Just You has released a brochure detailing itineraries on five continents and plans to add trips to the others. The average cost of one of its itineraries is $2,174.

Just You offers guaranteed departures.