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Issue Date: Nov 06, 2017
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Making music for all ages

Ian Stalker

(Photo above: Tabatha Bradley (l) and Heidi Lord (r) of Transat and Sara Smith of Hard Rock were updating travel agents on their employers’ programs at a Hard Rock event in Toronto.)

The parent company of Hard Rock Hotels says those who stay at that brand’s resorts will neither be at a loss for things to do or having to continuously reach for their wallets.
Ashley Gibbs told a recent Toronto AIC Hotel Group event that Hard Rock resorts – found in parts of the Caribbean and Mexico – provide an “all-day, all-night, all-included” experience for their guests, who can expect a “fun time from beginning to end.”
But Gibbs also dispelled what he said were several myths about Hard Rock Resorts, among them that they’re only suited for young people. In fact, the average age of Hard Rock guests is 45 to 55, he said.
Gibbs also said that people shouldn’t worry that they won’t be able “to escape the loud party music” during a Hard Rock vacation, adding that that type of scene is available. But those
who “want to go read a book” will easily be able to do so, he promised.
Gibbs noted some unusual Hard Rock features, among them Music Labs, which he said are “like a rock and roll fantasy camp,” and can be found in properties in Cancun and Punta Cana.
Guests can also “sign out a Fender guitar and take it back to their room” to play on.
Sound of Your Stay enables guests to bring a “beautiful retro turntable” to their rooms, Gibbs continued.
“Music is at the core of our brand.”
Some 45% of Hard Rock guests are families,” who will find a “ton of family activities,” Gibbs stated.
Gibbs also said Hard Rock has “great” golf courses, with guests able to drink beer and tequila on a course.
The resort company also has a wedding program designed by Colin Cowie, a household name in wedding circles.
Meanwhile, Tabatha Bradley of Transat told the gathering that those at Transat “really, really do support the Hard Rock properties.”
She added that Transat is committed to delivering clients to Hard Rock hotels in a comfortable manner.
“We believe your vacation does not start when you hit the beach. It should start when you reach the airport,” she said.