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Issue Date: Feb 10, 2020
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Teeny-weeny sights are a big attraction with tourists

Tourist guide Anastasia Lazo (l) and a guide in Kyiv’s Microminiatures Museum point to one of the museum’s exhibits.


Could Mykola Syadristy’s metal, finely detailed dragonfly be a-head of its time?

The small gold attraction is on display in Kyiv’s Microminiatures Museum, home to remarkably tiny creations by Syadristy, whose resume includes working as an engineer, historian and writer and being a scuba diving afficionado.

A number of Syadristy’s itty-bitty works are on display in the museum, each housed behind glass through which microscopes enable visitors to see fine detail.

Among the exhibits is a minute chessboard that Kyiv tourist guide Anastasia Lazo labels the “world’s smallest chessboard,” and the dragonfly, which has a tiny clock inserted in its head.

But why have a clock with a face so small viewers can only read it with the use of a microscope?

“It’s not about reading it, it’s about creating it,” Lazo says of a work that took around a year to complete.

Syadristy is reportedly particularly proud of a golden ship that has “more than 300 details” and views it as an “Everest” in the world of golden jewellery “that no one else in the world would be able to make,” Lazo reports.

Syadristy is around 80, but remains energetic, continuing to work in the museum – found in a large and long-standing religious complex – and Lazo adds he’s happy to speak to visitors.

His works have drawn international attention, with museum staff proudly pointing to pictures of world leaders who have stopped by.

Lazo says the Microminiatures Museum stands alone in a world that has countless museums.

“I try to bring my guests there because they will never find these objects anywhere else in the world,” she states.

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