Canadian Travel Press
Issue Date: Jan 25, 2021

The greatest gift … A son remembers

My greatest gift ever was to be your son.

Call after call, message after message from all four corners of the globe with people sharing stories about how you affected their lives, the outpouring of love is overwhelming.

For some, it was a single interaction with you that they have held on to and cherished, for others it has been decades of your friendship and leadership.

To know you was to love you, firm, jovial, strong, direct, outspoken, creative, proud, charismatic, larger than life all wrapped in a bow of soul and good intentions.

For me, it was the daily phone calls, meetings or visits, the mission at hand, the situation at that moment, the helping of others, the need to find a solution because there was a problem, the push to outperform our best work prior, the innovation, the giving because someone was in need, the wellbeing of our teams or your friends or just your selfless approach to helping everyone else ahead of worrying about yourself right up to your very last day with us.

For me, I had a lifetime of those moments, of learnings & of memories.

I am beyond proud to be your son, dad, go disrupt heaven and make it even better than it was before your arrival just like you changed the world.

Adam Stewart
Executive Chairman
Sandals Resorts International