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Issue Date: Nov 16, 2020
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Walk good, Mrs. B

Thoughts from our friends at Sandals

Edith Baxter met the Chairman of Sandals Resorts International over 40 years ago during Jamaica’s annual tourism show.

At the time, he wasn’t the Chairman, just ‘Butch’ Stewart and as she tells the story – always with a smile at the memory – he invited her to come with him to see his first resort.

That day-long outing cemented a friendship that has lasted over four decades and it was one that she cherished.

From all of us here at Baxter Media, we were deeply touched with the thoughts that our friends at Sandals sent us following Mrs. B’s passing and we’d like to share them with all of our readers.

Sandals message begins:

“It is with a heavy heart and a tremendous amount of love and respect that Sandals Resorts International offers sincere condolences to both the Baxter family and the Baxter Media team following the recent passing of Edith Baxter.”

And it continues:

“A true visionary, she was the bedrock of the Canadian travel industry for over 50 years as co-founder of Baxter Media and the indefatigable Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Travel Press. Her reach extended far beyond the Canadian borders and her support of the Caribbean was instrumental in the region’s success from the Canadian market. Her affection for our home country of Jamaica is something we shall always cherish, along with our warm memories of this remarkable woman. Walk good, Mrs. B.”

The Hon. Gordon “Butch” Stewart O.J. C.D. Hon. LLD, Sandals Founder & Chairman, wrote:

“My dear friend Lady B, Edith Baxter was full of integrity and inspiration. A special lady through and through, she was funny, smart and tenacious. I always looked forward to seeing her either in Canada or the Caribbean. Her friendship is something that I’ll treasure, until we see each other again.”

Adam Stewart, Deputy Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, said that:

“With her indomitable spirit, Mrs. B was a leader – and a legend – in the Canadian travel industry and beyond for half a century. That’s an incredible achievement, something that can only be achieved by an incredible person, one that I’m proud to call my friend. Rest easy, Mrs. B and thank you.”

Gary C. Sadler, Senior VP of Sales, Unique Vacations Inc., said:

“Quite simply, Edith Baxter is an icon of the travel industry. There was no one like her and I dare say, there probably won’t be again. Her wisdom (and wit) is legendary. When I migrated to Canada from Jamaica in 1992, Mrs. B helped me navigate the landscape of the Canadian travel industry. I, just like so many others, often asked for her counsel and guidance. Over the years, she became so much more than a valued industry colleague, she was my beloved friend. I will miss her greatly but my love for her will forever remain.”

Maureen Barnes-Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing, Unique Vacations Canada Inc., shared with us:

“Mrs. Baxter was an inspiration both professionally and personally. As a powerhouse in the Canadian travel industry, I’m so grateful for her knowledge and her kindness that she graciously shared with me for over 25 years. Her no-nonsense approach to business, and to life really was something I admired about her, as well as her amazing sense of humour and her unwavering attention to the smallest detail. She is truly exceptional and unforgettable. I will certainly miss her, but I’m thankful for the time we spent together and the guidance she gave me.”