Discover Central America Virtually

The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) will soon hold The Central America Virtual Roadshow, The Americas 2021, which is aimed at promoting travel to that part of the world and strengthening and diversifying opportunities to expedite the recovery in the region.

The virtual event comprises three major marketing and virtual promotional events for travel and media professionals from Mexico (Sept. 2), the United States (Sept. 8), and Canada (Sept 23).

The objective is to promote Central America as a multi-destination and to re-introduce industry partners between the tourism operators of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua with their counterparts in these target markets.

Central America seeks to promote key destinations to provide new avenues for the various demands of travellers’ expectations.

The virtual roadshow will also advance the knowledge of participating countries. The participating countries have redesigned their tourism offerings to highlight their culture, natural wealth, ancient Mayan civilization sites, dream wedding and honeymoon locations, and more.

Carolina Briones – secretary-general of CATA – explained that each event would entail a presentation of the destinations. After the general overview by the Ministries of Tourism, there will be a press conference.

There will also be business meetings between at least 28 receptive tour operators and approximately 25 wholesalers per market. CATA is currently working on a virtual world which will be open to the public in mid-August, a date by which media and travel professionals may visit the countries’ stands.

Briones also said that the registered media and wholesalers would be allowed to schedule appointments through the Match Making system soon to be available on the event website.

CATA is a public-private entity of a technical nature. It promotes Central America as a tourist multi-destination.

The Central America Virtual Roadshow: The Americas 2021 was developed within the framework of the project “Strengthening the Integration and Promotion of Central American Tourism.”

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