Discover Nisga’a Redefines Tourism in Northwest BC

Nisga’a Lisims government and the four Nisga’a Village governments, together with Discover Nisga’a tourism partners, have announced the launch of Discover Nisga’a — a new consumer-facing brand for Tourism Nisga’a.

With the brand launch comes a new website and social media platforms inviting potential visitors to virtually discover Nisga’a Lands and plan travel to northwest British Columbia.

The Nisga’a have lived in the Nass Valley for thousands of years. The name “Nass Valley,” however, does not evoke the people who have always made it home. With the Nisga’a Treaty in 2000, “Nisga’a Lands” were finally and formally recognized. Now, with the Discover Nisga’a website and social media channels, the Nisga’a are welcoming the world to Nisga’a Lands and setting a new standard for sustainable Indigenous tourism.

Discover Nisga’a’s newly launched website invites visitors to open themselves to the richness of Nisga’a Lands and culture. The destination showcases a primeval landscape of vast lava beds, pristine alpine meadows, lush temperate rainforests, natural hot springs, one of North America’s richest salmon rivers and Hli Goothl Wilp-Adokshl Nisga’a / the Nisga’a Museum — a world-renowned collection of Northwest Coast Indigenous art and artifacts. On Nisga’a Lands, the majesty of the natural world and the legacy of its people reward those ready to explore.

Nisga’a president Eva Clayton explains: “We Nisga’a are known for our hospitality and we are proud to invite the world. Take a moment to visit our new Discover Nisga’a site, then make plans to come up and see Nisga’a Lands for yourself. You are welcome here.”

Domestic and international travellers have shown a growing appetite for authentic travel experiences and Indigenous culture.

A recent labour market research report found that, between 2003 and the start of the pandemic, Indigenous tourism businesses in British Columbia grew 170%. Northern BC has the province’s highest number of Indigenous-owned tourism businesses (29%).

Discover Nisga’a aims to jumpstart sustainable travel to Nisga’a Lands as the pandemic subsides.

The Discover Nisga’a website offers people around the world a vivid introduction to Nisga’a Lands and culture and is a valuable resource for planning a visit in 2022 and beyond.

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