Discover the secrets of Omega Tours

In a world that’s all about speed, Omega Tours has certainly taken its time. For the past 20 years, it has been offering guided excursions to Canadian travellers through a small number of channels, carefully refining its packages during that time, and now it’s ready to extend its product offering to the entire Canadian travel agent community for the first time. Omega Tours’ owner, Christina Sarracini observed: “Our product has continued to evolve and now we’re ready to offer this former family secret to any and all Canadian travel agents.” And after a “soft launch” of two decades, what agents will find is a product that aims to stand out from the competition by virtue of the fact that it has been carefully crafted by over 20 years of research on actual Canadian travellers. Coupled with the new offering, Omega Tours has also undergone a re-branding to reintroduce both the company and its product to the agency community. Omega’s product line features more than 30 guided tours of Europe and North America, with a strong focus on Italy. Full descriptions of the tours and pricing can be found at , which Sarracini points out will continue to evolve with tours and improvements being added over time. The company will be offering agents 10% commission on sales of its products and retailers can sign up for Omega’s newsletter — for updates on all of its products — by going to the operator’s web site.

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