Discover What’s New At Club Med Turkoise

Our names are written on a chalkboard to determine the order of the trapeze lesson. I feel my heart beat a little bit quicker as the one before mine gets scratched off, meaning the dreaded moment has come: I’m next.

Slowly, I clamber up the ladder as the world below gets smaller with every step.

“Four more steps,” I hear, as I continue to climb. “Now, face me and step onto the platform.”

As I stretch my leg across the gap from the ladder to the takeoff level, I make the mistake of looking down. A slight moment of trepidation occurs as I realize I’m now standing well above the palm trees and I wish I could fast forward to being back on solid ground. Then the instructor grabs my harness and tells me to lean forward.

“Trust me,” he says. “I’ve got you.”

With my feet planted on the platform, but my body perched forward, I reach for the trapeze handle with one hand, and then the other.

“Ready, jump!”

[Explicit language has been deleted.]

Once it’s done, I feel exhilarated and immediately debate going back up again – and I’m not alone. One by one, the group taking part in the lesson at Club Med Turkoise – even those who suffer from vertigo and the ones who are afraid of heights – take the plunge.

There were screams, a few “I’m really scared” or “I can’t do this,” and even some tears of relief, but we all end up with a bit of a natural high from the adrenaline surge of soaring through the air. Stepping this far out of ones comfort zone isn’t something typically associated with a beach vacation, but here it’s all about the experiences outside of the room.

“What we want you to do is go out there, try a sailing lesson, get on a paddle board, get on the snorkel boat, go play Bacce, go get involved in the soccer tournament,” says Brittany Minkus, meetings and events manager at Club Med Turkoise. “We really want you out of that room, we want you on that beach, at that bar with us, we want to socialize with you.”

Located on Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos, which TripAdvisor reviewers consistently name the best beach in the world, she says Club Med Turkoise is a place where guests can do as much or as little as they desire.

The colourful village was recently upgraded to 4-Trident property according to Club Med’s star rating system, which is the equivalent of a four-star resort. The level of service has been enhanced as well as all the common areas and rooms. Just like its name suggests, the newly redesigned all-inclusive, adults-only property overlooks a striking shade of turquoise water.

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