Discover The Wonders Of South Australia


If you’ve got clients who want to see wildlife up close, then suggest South Australia and a visit to one of its National Parks which teem with iconic creatures in their natural habitat. The state’s remarkable landscapes offer unparalleled wildlife encounters on Kangaroo Island and in the Flinders Ranges and Gawler Ranges regions.

Here’s a quick primer on what South Australia has to offer:

  • Kangaroo Island – Flinders Chase National Park, SA — The enduring appeal of Kangaroo Island, a quick 20-minute flight from Adelaide, is its rugged beauty and abundant wildlife. One-third of the island is preserved national parklands, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Often referred to as ‘Australia’s Galapagos,” the island is one of Down Under’s best places to encounter wildlife in their natural habitat, such as koalas, kangaroos, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, short-beaked echidnas, sea lions and fur seals, 240 different species of birds and unique marine life. Kangaroo Island offers walking trails throughout the National Park, but finding some of the more reclusive residents may require a little local knowledge. Exceptional Kangaroo Island, one of the islandÆs premier tour operators, creates personalized itineraries to ensure that travelers observe a wide variety of wildlife. Tours include walks along a colony of rare fur seals along Seal Bay and treks in the bushlands to discover kangaroos, wallabies and koalas hiding in the trees.
  • Flinders Ranges – Flinders Ranges National Park, SA — One of the oldest landscapes on earth, the Flinders Ranges is a quick flight or a few hours drive from Adelaide. The wildlife is a large component of what draws adventurers up to this accessible region of the Outback, in addition to its spectacular scenery. Its dramatic and majestic setting is home to a number of iconic Australian wildlife, including red, western grey and euro kangaroos, yellow-footed wallabies, emus and wedge-tailed eagles. The best way to experience the authentic Aussie Outback is at the regions newest accommodation, Ikara Safari Camp — recently added in February 2014 to Wilpena Pound Resort — located on the foothills of Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre covering 50 miles. The location of the camp allows for unique access to the parks best bushwalking trails where wildlife sightings are abundant. Expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife knowledge, and interesting heritage during walking safari adventures and 4WD excursions that visit some of the secret spots of the land and provide a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the Australian Outback.
  • Eyre Peninsula – Gawler Ranges National Park, SA – The Eyre Peninsula offers a blend of wildlife in its coastal and Outback landscape. Gawler Ranges National Park, one of Australia’s best kept secrets, is located via Port Lincoln, a 45-minute flight from Adelaide. The scenic Gawler Ranges consists of volcanic rock hills over 1.5 billion years old where more than 162 fauna species reside, including red, western grey and euro kangaroos, emus, southern hairy-nosed wombats, The Major Mitchell (Pink Cockatoo) and scarlet-breasted parrots. Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris offers multi-day itineraries led by local experts who guide travellers to remote geographical sites and gorges, while pointing out and discussing both the region’s most iconic wildlife and lesser-known species. Tours may also include a visit to Baird Bay for an opportunity to swim with playful sea lions and dolphins or cage dive with Great White sharks.

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