Discovering Alaska with Princess Cruises

Alaska is one of the most popular cruise destinations for travellers from all over the world. The company that holds sway over most of the Alaska itineraries is Princess Cruise Lines.
They get consistently high ratings and offer a wide range of Alaska itineraries. And they are always rated highly for on-board food and service.
I have just recently returned from my first Alaska experience and first sailing on a Princess ship. It was a wonderful eye opening experience.
On this week’s Voices of Travel, host Ron Pradinuk talks with John Cherneski, North American director of sales for Princess Cruises.
Pradinuk also interviews a number of the crew managers who make sure that the food and service aspects are maintained at the highest levels.
During his cruise, Pradinuk talked to a lot of people who keep coming back to both Princess Cruise ships and Alaska time after time and you’ll hear from one of these couples.