Discovering More With Avalon Waterways 

As more cruisers choose the small-ship cruise alternative, inviting them to sail down the world’s most legendary waterways with fewer people and more of everything, Avalon Waterways has curated a collection of the most intriguing experiences.

On the company’s new, all-about-you Active & Discovery itineraries, the compass is in the palm of guests’ hands to choose from up to 28 (included) excursions.

On Avalon Waterways’ Active & Discovery cruises, featuring Avalon Choice excursions, every day is an adventure.

And, in 2022 and 2023, choices available to cruisers are nearly unlimited. For the first time, travellers are invited to choose an Avalon Waterways’ Active & Discovery cruise on every major river in Europe, including the upper and lower Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Rhône and Seine Rivers as well as the waterways of Holland and Belgium.

Dedicated to sailing away from the ordinary while making a splash in each and every destination, Avalon Waterways is doubling-down on its unique, no-one-does-it-like-these Active & Discovery itineraries.

In fact, since launching its very first Active & Discovery cruise on the Danube in 2017, the company has grown its Active & Discovery offerings by 560% and upped its berths by 610%. In 2023, Avalon is providing cruisers eight (8) Active & Discovery itineraries with 53 departures. That’s 14% of the company’s total cruising portfolio and one-fourth (25%) of its main cruising season departures.

For the 2022 and 2023 cruise seasons, Avalon Waterways has unveiled four (4) new Active & Discovery itineraries: Active & Discovery on the Lower Danube (2023), Active & Discovery on the Danube from Croatia to the Black Sea (2023), Active & Discovery on the Moselle (2022) and Active & Discovery on the Seine (2022).

Pam Hoffee, managing director of Avalon Waterways, said that: “Untethered and full of opportunities to infuse interests and passions into each cruise, our Active & Discovery vacations feature extraordinary – included – activities that give travellers the choices they crave.”

Hoffee continued: “On these one-of-a-kind cruises, every day, travellers can choose from a selection of included ‘Active,’ ‘Discovery’ and ‘Classic’ excursions. In fact, the average number of Avalon Choice excursions on these cruises is 22, giving our guests countless opportunities to customize their getaway.”

Active & Discovery cruises are also spotlighted in the company’s new for 2022 Storyteller Series of sailings, featuring celebrity hosts. Candace Bushnell is hosting Sex & the City of Lights – an Active & Discovery on the Seine itinerary, departing on July 19, 2022; Cheryl Strayed is hosting Wild & Whimsy on the Water – an Active & Discovery on the Danube itinerary, departing on July 21, 2022 and Gillian Flynn is hosting Gone Girl! – an Active & Discovery on the Danube itinerary, departing on Sept. 15, 2022.

Said Hoffee: “Priced from $3,495 (CAD), our Active & Discovery vacations include more excursions – at the same cost – as other river cruise itineraries. They are the perfect choice for travellers who have a diverse set of interests; those who want to customize their vacation; those returning to a river for a new experience and multi-generational travellers with different passions and pace levels. There’s nothing else like them on Europe’s rivers.”