Discovering Undiscovered Britain

It was a hearty and stalwart group of travel agents who made their way – through a major winter storm — to the Omni King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto yesterday (Feb. 27) afternoon to discover, courtesy of the Globus family of brands and VisitBritain, Undiscovered Britain.

As agents attending enjoyed afternoon tea, Stéphanie Bishop, managing director of the Globus family of brands in Canada, explained the company’s new Undiscovered Britain program.

She noted that although Great Britain is not a new destination, what surprises her is how many agents have either never visited Britain or, if they have, they’ve never travelled beyond London.

To remedy that, Bishop says that the Globus family of brands has introduced 9 Undiscovered Britain itineraries for 2019 – and six of them are new tours – and which are operated by Globus and Cosmos.

Observing that “agents can’t be everywhere and know everything,” Bishop said the point of the Undiscovered Britain program is to “help focus the conversation” between agents and their clients and by doing that, “make them look like experts.”

So far in 2019, Bishop said that numbers are “looking strong” for both Globus family of brands’ Undiscovered Britain progam and for Britain in general.

Lynda Falcone, travel trade manager, Canada for VisitBritain, told the Toronto gathering of agents that what’s exciting about the Undiscovered Britain program is that it takes agents’ clients beyond London.

“People think they’ve seen it [Britain], but they haven’t and this program shows them what they’re missing.”

Both the Globus family of brands and VisitBritain offer a range of support for agents, who can check out what’s available by going to or .

And watch for more on the initiative in an upcoming issue of Canadian Travel Press or Travel Courier.


Seen in the photo, from l to r, are Falcone, Bishop and VisitBritain’s Natalie Szubert.