Dive Into Wellness At Hotel Xcaret Arte

Chef Miguel Bautista is dipping white oyster mushrooms into a sauce and placing them onto a small charcoal grill.

Today’s goal is to cook up a very common Mexican dish — tacos al pastor — but without a key ingredient: pork.

“Once you identify the proteins in the vegetable world you can find substitutes,” notes Bautista, explaining that the grilling process mimics the charred flavour of meat skewered on a spit.

Although there is a need for a vegan restaurant at the new 900-suite Hotel Xcaret Arte located in the Riviera Maya based on demand alone, the chef behind BIO Restaurant explains that his concept is to appeal to all guests — not solely vegans.

“Our goal is that people feel comfortable even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian. People really enjoy it because it’s not a menu that’s planned just for vegans,” he says. “It’s 100% vegan, that’s a checkmark, now add flavour, the experience of having a nice meal. My goal is for people to not realize.”

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