Dominica, Saint Lucia Weather The Storm

Trafalgar Falls

Initial reports indicate that Dominica (pictured) and Saint Lucia have weathered the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew.

To date, there have been no reports of loss from the tourism sector in Dominica. According to officials, businesses are open and clean-up efforts are ongoing. Utility companies are actively working to restore service to affected areas. Island accommodations and other tourism establishments have weathered the storm with little to no disruptions to normal operations and are open to receive visitors.

The Douglas – Charles Airport has reopened and ferry services are expected to resume today (Sept. 30). Travellers are advised to contact their respective service providers to confirm travel status.

Meanwhile, Saint Lucia is fully operational as life on the tropical Caribbean island quickly returns to normal following the passage of Matthew.

The system brought heavy rains and strong winds throughout the hours of Sept. 28 and was well over 1,000 miles off Saint Lucia by daylight on Thursday. The recovery effort has been swift with several of the main roads and bridges already cleared by personnel from the Ministry of Infrastructure by mid-morning. Hotel partners are reporting minimal to no significant damages to the island’s hotel plant with all properties fully operational.