Dominican Republic Reports Record September

The Dominican Republic is reporting that it recorded the best tourism record in its history in September.

The Ministry of Tourism indicated that the D.R. recorded in 2021 the best month of September in all of its history, with a higher number of arrivals than in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In September, the country welcomed a total of 365,544 non-resident visitors, which represents a recovery of 14% in the level of attendance recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic, and more precisely in September 2019, and of 25% by compared to September 2020 figures. This generated US$412 million in revenue for the country.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, announced that to date, the arrivals of non-resident tourists by plane to the Dominican Republic in 2021 exceed 3.3 million passengers, greater than arrivals for 2019 He pointed out that the recovery was more marked among non-resident foreign tourists, who stay an average of 7 days in the country.

Among the non-resident tourists who arrived in the country in 2021, 79% were of foreign origin and the 21% of Dominican origin.

The strong tourist activity generated an increase in the number of jobs, which reached 162,254 people in more than 7,000 companies for the month of August, or 6,648 employees and 51 additional companies compared to July.

This increase was mainly recorded in tourist accommodation, with more than 4,311 establishments, as well as in catering, with more than 1,800 establishments.

Hotel activity has reached its post-pandemic peak with 87% of rooms in operation, an occupancy rate of 54% on weekdays, and 61% on weekends. 22% of the clientele were of local origin and its attendance rate highlights the positive short-term results.

The easing of travel restrictions allowed the return of historic issuing countries to the Dominican Republic such as Russia, which rose in the ranking of major issuing countries to take second place, just behind the United States. The other countries in the top 4 are Spain and Colombia.

Estimates also suggest that the number of tourist arrivals recorded in October 2019 will be exceeded in October 2021. And by the end of 2021, arrivals of non-resident tourists in the country are expected to reach 4.8 million passengers.

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