Dominica’s Fort Young Hotel Set to Reopen

After experiencing devastation in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Fort Young Hotel, Dominica’s largest hotel, is planning to reopen Jan. 15, 2018, with 41 of its 72 rooms available for booking.

In addition to the 41 rooms, many of the hotel’s core amenities, including its pool, Warner’s Bar and one of its meeting facilities are expected to be operational.

Guests can also enjoy many of the hotel’s on-property activities and nearby excursions, including diving, snorkeling, canyoning, fishing and hiking among others.

“We’re committed to accommodating relief workers, rebuilding this iconic hotel and bringing back visitors to this special island,” said Marvlyn James, Fort Young Hotel’s general manager. “Tourists are the seeds that are needed to restore Dominica to its natural grandeur and help it blossom once again.”

The resort-style hotel, located in the capital city of Roseau, is currently open in a limited capacity, and at reduced rates, to support relief efforts and aid workers as the hotel, city and country rebuild. The hotel has restored its power, water and WiFi.

Fort Young Hotel is expected to be fully remodeled, operational and reopened to the public in October 2018.