Don’t miss this webcast: A.I. Insights with Expedia TAAP’s Robin Lawther

Travel professionals keen on learning how artificial intelligence will impact their jobs have the chance to hear just that from the Vice President of Expedia TAAP, Robin Lawther. He will be interviewed live by Bob Mowat, executive editor of Canadian Travel Press, on April 30 at 1pm EDT.

Robin has a wealth of experience in the retail travel industry and leads teams across strategy, operations, and commercial domain. Expedia TAAP prioritizes travel advisors’ experience, employing A.I.-powered technologies to ensure they can deliver world-class experiences to clients.

Robin and Bob will delve into this and further discuss what the future looks like for travel advisors and platforms like TAAP when it comes to leveraging generative A.I.

The A.I. Insights interview series, brought to you by Baxter Media, is a free resource for travel professionals to learn about the technologies that are shaping the industry’s future.

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