Sailing Into The Future With Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways’ managing director, Terri Burke was in Toronto this week talking about all that’s new at the popular river cruise line – and there’s lots.

Burke observed that although 2016 had been a tough year, 2017 has seen a double-digit rebound and 2018 is looking even better – trending ahead of 2017.

And Avalon Waterways seems to be intent on driving that growth, with plans for lots of new initiatives, like Avalon Fresh; new Active Discovery on the Rhine departures; new theme cruises; a new ship in Asia, coming in 2018; a new Vietnam/Cambodia itinerary; and it’s No Single Supplement in Europe initiative.

Takes your breath away a bit doesn’t it.

Burke noted that Avalon Waterways has seen significant growth in its specialty cruises and that’s a trend that’s continuing in 2018, while its charters of its ships are double what they were in 2016.

And with its No Single Supplement initiative, the company has seen its single traveller business grow by 70% from 2017 to 2018.

She also noted that the river cruise company’s signature Panorama suites, coupled with its clients’ first customer service strategy are just two things that set it apart from its competitors.

As for Canada, Burke said it is doing very well in 2018.

In the photo
Seen here, from l to r, are Globus’ Patrice Geske; Avalon Waterways’ Terri Burke; and Globus’ Stephanie Bishop at Globus Family of Brands’ offices in Toronto.

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