Dream Yacht Worldwide adds 77 new catamarans

Sea-based vacation and global yacht charter company Dream Yacht Worldwide has renewed its catamaran fleet in the South Pacific, Caribbean, and Americas regions. The French West Indies are getting 27 new boats, 10 will go to Tahiti and 40 will be delivered to the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

In total, Dream Yacht has 850 boats available from 42 bases across the globe.

“This fleet update represents a significant step forward,” shared Loïc Bonnet, founder of Dream Yacht Worldwide. “It has been several years since we have undertaken a renewal on such a scale, integrating the latest boat models with premium equipment, to guarantee our customers an exceptional experience at sea.”

Joining the fleet this year

The 77 new catamarans will join the Dream Yacht Worldwide fleet by the end of this year. The majority of the boats feature premium equipment such as generators for unrestricted power supply, air-conditioning systems and watermakers for freshwater production.
Among the many destinations DYW offers in the South Pacific, Caribbean and Americas, the most popular are the British Virgin Islands, French Polynesia and the Bahamas for American travelers. While Europeans are more attracted to Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Over 35,000 vacationers visit these paradise destinations between November and April, of which 85 per cent are bareboat bookings (with or without skipper) and 15 per cent are cabin cruises.