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Dreaming of Europe With Air Transat

Air Transat has unveiled a new ad campaign in which images of Rome evoke a blissful European vacation.

Keeping in line with its campaigns over the past two years and keeping its “Vacation is calling” tag line, Air Transat features its own employees in the ads, as they happily share their favourite vacation spots with travellers. Created in partnership with creative agency Sid Lee, the campaign took flight on March 26 on the Web and social media, as well as television, radio, billboards and in print media.

One of the new campaign videos is available at

Air Transat offers direct flights to 26 destinations in Europe and in the Middle East, including daily connections to Paris and London, and more flights than ever to such popular destinations as France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Travellers can also choose from more than 100 vacation packages, guided tours and all-in-one cruise packages.

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