EAN Launches Affiliate Voyager Agent Booking Module

Expedia’s Affiliate Network (EAN) has launched an agent booking module for its Affiliate Voyager product, equipping agents with complete visibility to make bookings directly on the customer’s behalf as well as manage customer enquiries.

With the launch of the agent booking module, Affiliate Voyager is another way EAN partners can access EAN’s competitive hotel rates and availabilities in addition to EAN’s API and Hotels.com for Partners template solution.

EAN’s Affiliate Voyager, launched in 2015 as a way for agents to manage bookings made through the EAN API, is a simple and speedy portal used by more than 2,500 of Expedia’s own agents worldwide, designed to drive incremental revenue, customer satisfaction and make life easier for travel agents.

The booking module expands the range of tasks an agent can perform themselves. With comprehensive search, comparison and payment options on more than 290,000 properties, Affiliate Voyager allows agents to deal with customer enquiries and make and manage bookings directly rather than asking their hotel supplier to do it.

Ariane Gorin, senior vice-president and general manager, EAN brand, says:

“We estimate that Affiliate Voyager will result in more efficient sales and customer service experiences for agencies, with a 15% plus increase in customer requests that the agent can handle without escalation and a 5% plus reduction in total handle time for affiliate agents1. The net effect for travel agencies is improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Gorin continued:

“Affiliate Voyager has been built specifically for agents. Based on feedback from our partners, we took an agent tool used by Expedia and enhanced it to give partners’ agents ownership of their customers and also instil those customers with the confidence that the right person is looking after them. Through an efficient and seamless booking experience, Affiliate Voyager empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and now they can even close the booking.”

Go to http://www.ean.com/affiliatevoyager for more.