Earn More With MSC

MSC Cruises is offering travel agents double the opportunity to increase earnings with an enhanced tour conductor program available through March 31.

And, with Wave Season on the way, agents can make even more on the back end to “Book Four and Score.”

The deal: Agents can earn double the TCs for every group booking made through March 31. Book four staterooms (eight guests) online and earn one Tour Conductor as a bonus commission. And, with MSC Seaside’s reduced rates, agents can leverage the new ship to help guests “Save & Sail” with up to $900 savings.

“Travel agents continue to be a vital source of business, and we are delighted to create opportunities to forge an even stronger partnership between MSC Cruises and our dedicated ambassadors,” said Joe Jiffo, senior vice-president of sales at MSC Cruises. “As we continue to grow, we count on the support of our travel agent network, and we are looking forward to making this year our most mutually profitable yet.”

Promo offering double the commission: By phone: one TC for 10 guests; Electronically: one TC for 7.5 guests. (Previous Tour Conductor offer: By phone: one TC for 20 guests; Electronically: one TC for 15 guests).

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