Eating Your Way Around the Globe


As food themed trips become increasingly popular, has partnered with global culinary trendologist, Christine Couvelier, to discover the top 10 destinations for culinary travel this fall.

Couvelier has more than 20 years of experience in food and has travelled the globe to inform consumers on all the hottest food trends about to hit our plates from the hottest destinations. A new survey by reveals that 75% of Canadians believe food is an important factor when choosing a destination.

Top Five Destinations from the Culinary Travel Trend Report:

  • San Francisco – This is a city where food artisans and chefs create tastes that start some of the biggest food trends with one of the hottest being Sriracha! It’s also being served up in new ways like as a glaze that tops the caramel, chili and ginger sauce on a chicken dish.
  • New York City – A long time top travel destination for Canadians, culinary dreams are tasted and created in New York City. The gourmet burger trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, they just keep getting better with creative and new unique toppings continuously popping up all over NYC.
  • San Sebastian, Spain – Your food memories of San Sebastien will be filled with tiny tastes of local specialties from the Pintxo bars. Spanish chefs are proud of offering menu selections that feature ingredients they have foraged and presented to their guests and there is nothing fresher.
  • Toronto – Filled with global cuisine, fabulous bakeries and innovative menus, Toronto is where a culinary traveller comes to taste what’s new. The hottest trend in Toronto right now: hand held pies both sweet and savory.
  • Lyon, France – The generosity of everyone in Lyon welcomes you to the capitol of gastronomy, filled with gourmet food, wine and culture. A popular trend in Lyon is the pride of heritage cuisine; returning to the roots of French cooking.

To check out the rest of the top 10 culinary destinations, including everything from Stockholm to Vancouver, visit .