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Ebola Travel Alerts


Mississauga’s e-Travel Technologies Inc. has introduced a web-based Ebola Travel Alerts information service for international travellers.

Donald Churchill, president, e-Travel Technologies Inc., said, “as we have been reporting travel alerts since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, there is now a demonstrated need for a single source of Ebola information for international travellers to make informed decisions prior to committing to travelling to any destination, as demonstrated by Wolf Blitzer reporting that CNN was being contacted by European travellers asking if it was safe to travel to the US”

With the Ebola Travel Alerts, travellers will be able to search for the most recent alerts by country, with additional links to WHO, CDC and other Ebola-related information sources.

Churchill added, “With the rapidly increasing reports of isolated, quarantined and infected patients, and a multitude of preventative initiatives, we are confident that this service will make a significant contribution to travelling safely and with confidence.”



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