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Travel Editor
Graduate – University of Toronto with Bachelor of Arts (English)
Graduate – Ryerson Polytechnical Institute with Bachelor of Applied Arts (Journalism)
Joined Baxter Publishing in 1980 as a staff writer and has spent the last 43 years covering all aspects of Canada’s travel and tourism.
In 1987, he was named managing editor of Canadian Travel Press
In 2005, he was named executive editor for Baxter Travel Media
Specialties include: travel industry technology; distribution issues; the travel agency marketplace; Canadian domestic tourism, the impact of the environment on travel and tourism, etc.
Born and raised in Toronto
Currently resides at Bloor & Avenue Road with his wife, Dianne, a rescued beagle-basset cross called Ollie and an adopted gray cat, named Mog. Bob & Dianne have two children — Ezra and Noah — who are both living on their own and finding their ways in life.


It’s Bob’s turn to answer your questions:

How many countries have you been to?
Somewhere between 40 and 50 … they wouldn’t let me include the countries I’ve visited multiple times … and I still argue that a theme park should count as a country … shout out to my friends at Disney, Universal, SeaWorld and others … help me out here … I’d probably be well over 100 …well at least 75 … but is it really a numbers game? What about the experience?

What are some of your favourite travel experiences to date?
Have always wondered with travel whether it’s the things you do or the people that you meet that make the experience … I tend to favour the latter … have met a lot of exceptional people over the years … and everyone of them has added to my understanding of the world we live in … understanding, that’s something we need a lot more of these days, isn’t it …

What’s still on your bucket list?
Haven’t made one … so nothing … although I might put one together after I win the jackpot in the lottery – any lottery … Seriously, though, I’d like to do the Turner Classic Movie Film Festival in Hollywood one of these days … love old movies … simpler times … I mean, somebody gets shot … you give ’em a brandy and a cigarette and they’re good to go … if it’s a kid, they don’t get the brandy, they get a glass of water instead … but they still get the cigarette … those were the days …

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Sitting down and talking to somebody about something that they’re passionate about …

What’s your favourite saying?
At the risk of sounding like a Luddite – as I do have an iPad – my favourite saying is: “I don’t have a smartphone … I like the quiet” …