Egencia Unveils New Air Shopping Experience

Egencia has announced the completion of its new air shopping experience for business travellers. This enhancement incorporates transparent access to multiple fares via the full availability of branded fares in a simple, easy-to-navigate air booking path.

Many airlines in the North American market have moved toward branded fares inclusive of ancillary services and other benefits.

By providing access to multiple fare classes, Egencia moves beyond “one size fits all” air searching to an individualized approach for business travelers.

Its platform will provide full fare access for the top airlines operating in North America.

Extensive research on user behavior has allowed Egencia to elegantly merge choice and selectability of airfare options in an efficient, easy-to-understand, booking flow. For travelers and arrangers, this refined experience will reduce the time needed to find and book fares inclusive of preferred benefits.

The platform prominently displays the branded fare name, exchange and refund conditions, and key fare attributes, such as a free checked bag or accelerated boarding.

Mark Hollyhead, senior vice-president, Egencia Americas, said: “Business travellers demand choice and clarity and our airline partners want to make sure their product offering and unique features are clearly labeled in the display.”

Hollyhead continued: “Developing a solution for airline branded fares is another example where Egencia is leading the way in responding to the needs of the business travel market and letting customers vote with their clicks and the usage of our products.”

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