Egypt Denounces Attack


Egypt’s tourism minister has denounced the bomb attack on Korean tourists touring the Sinai, saying a “detailed investigation” has been carried out by authorities.

“We are, at the Ministry of Tourism, ensuring that all security bodies are undertaking all precautionary measures to guarantee that this incident, to the extent possible, will not occur again. The perpetrators and the guilty will be detained and prosecuted. Justice will be served. Law and order will prevail,” tourism minister Hisham Zazou said.

Zazou also rejected claims that a shadowy Sinai-based group called Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al Maqdes carried out the attack.

“The attributed communiqué is false and has no grounds, as the Jamaat itself has repeatedly confirmed in all previous communiqués that it has no account on any social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook… etc. The Jamaat has no official e-mail account and does not communicate either with any official or non-official bodies,” he said.

Egypt is working to rebuild its tourist trade, which had seen record years in much of the past decade, fueled in part by dramatic Red Sea growth. It has decided to launch ad campaigns in key markets to convince tourists to return.