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Emirates Showcases The Art Of Getting There


Emirates Airlines is proving that the journey is the destination.

“In the last 15-20 years security has really tightened at the airport and it’s this experience of getting to and from the airport, in particular for long haul and international flights,” Don McWilliam, Emirates Airlines’ country manager for Canada said at the airline’s cocktail event last (Nov. 9).

“So what we try to do at Emirates is take that experience for our premium passengers in particular, and make it easier for you so you are less-stressed when you get to your destination and as well have a world renowned product on board the airplane,” he explained.

Attendees got to experience Emirates’ Chauffeur Drive service, which is provided for all premium passengers, first-hand as guests took part in a pickup or drop off service to the Toronto event, and showcased how the vacation experience begins the moment a client leaves their house.

Once at the Ritz-Carlton, the airline highlighted some of the services and perks of flying in the premium class like amenity kits, on board bars, and shower spas, PJs and luxe blankets for those in first class.

“On the A380 out of Toronto we have 90 premium seats – there are 14 first class suites, then we have 76 of the business class suites,” he says.

“If you haven’t been on the A380 before, all the top of the airplane is our premium product, so 76 seats and 14 seats, and the back of the business class seats is our world famous lounge. In some cases people don’t leave the lounge for the entire flight, we have some customers that don’t want to experience our wonderful product here and they just experience Johnny Walker Black or Dom Pérignon,” McWilliam said.

Although the screen size varies, all passengers have access to Emirates’ in-flight Information Communication and Entertainment system with 2,500 channels and 500+ movies.

First class passengers can also dine on demand – meaning they don’t have to wait for food service – with seats that recline from upright to a full-flat bed.

“We are the largest purchaser of Dom Pérignon in the world,” he says. “We also have over 200 wines that we serve on board the airplane over the course of the year and US$690 million has been invested in the Emirates wine program since 2006 so it’s really quite remarkable.”

Pictured at the event, which featured bottles of 2006 Dom Pérignon and hors d’oeuvres, are McWilliam (c) with flight attendants Mary Jane Agra and Maria Papa.


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