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Empowering The Travel Arranger

Sabre's TripCase Makes It Easy To Keep In Touch


Sabre’s web and mobile travel application, TripCase, now makes it easier for travel arrangers to stay in touch with travellers through new TripCase Follower capabilities.

The new TripCase follower features are designed for those who manage travel for others, allowing travel arrangers to see real-time updates of another person’s trip, giving them the opportunity to review last-minute changes, accommodate for flight disruptions, and ensure hotel and ground transportation are reserved. As a result, travel arrangers will be able to continue to provide a high-touch level of service even when away from their desks through their mobile phones.

John Samuel, senior vice-president, Sabre Traveler Solutions, said: “At TripCase, we believe that travel managers and arrangers deserve the best technology to support their travellers on the road. That’s why we created the new follower capabilities.”

Samuel continued: “We aim to create the best experience for travellers and enabling travel arrangers to stay one step ahead of the game by simply ‘following’ their traveller’s trip on TripCase ultimately results in an all-around better trip everyone.”

While the new follower capabilities were built with the travel arranger in mind, travel agents who want to provide first-class service can use these features as well. In fact, agencies have the added ability to automatically import follower trips into a TripCase account at time of booking.

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