Ensemble Elects New Board of Directors


Ensemble Travel Group has unveiled the results of its 2015 board of directors election, which saw a total of five directors elected by Ensemble members, three from the US and two from Canada.

Newly elected members to the 2015 Ensemble Travel Group board of directors are: Sanjay Goel, Cruise Connections Canada, Vancouver; Robbie Gold, Travel Center Tours, Chicago; Scott Kertes, Hartford Holidays Travel, Garden City, NY (incumbent); Terri Jo Lennox, Travel Time Inc, Calgary; Lisa Theodoratus, The Cruise Experience, Sausalito, CA.

The five newly elected directors join the following who are currently serving on the Ensemble board: Ian Biddlecombe, TravelTST.ca, Richmond, BC; Barbara Crowe, Ixtapa Travel, Saskatoon, SK; Robert Durant, W.D. World Travel Ltd., Vancouver; David Harris, Orion Travelinx, Burlington, Ont. (outgoing board chairman); Jill Romano, Dimensions in Travel, Novato, CA; Linda Sains, Lindale Travel, Asheville, NC; Ross Spalding, Crown Cruise Vacations, Princeton, NJ (incoming board chairman); Mary Ann Strasheim, Custom Cruises & Travel, Omaha, NE; and Warren Buckner, Gayety Travel Service, Brooklyn, NY (member emeritus).

Rotating off the board are Roxanne Boryczki, AZ Trails Travel, Fountain Hills, AZ; Nadia Giudice-Aslan, Voyages Groupe Ideal, Montreal; Philip Houde, River East Travel & Cruise Centre, Winnipeg; and Susan Tanzman, Martin’s Travel and Tours, Los Angeles.

“As a member-owned travel agency co-operative, the electoral process is one of the most significant ways Ensemble members help guide our success,” said Libbie Rice, Ensemble co-president. “We want to congratulate our newest directors and especially thank the four who are ‘retiring’ for their leadership and insights, and for serving as Ensemble ambassadors on behalf of our organization.”