Ensemble Enhances, Expedites Profit Sharing

Fulfilling its commitment to enhance earning potential for member, Ensemble has announced that it is delivering profit sharing from 2022.

As well, Ensemble is providing those payments faster by increasing the amount of the first payment by 50%. While the disbursal will still be made in two installments, members will receive three quarters of the payout in the first payment.

Adding to the increased benefit is that 73% of Ensemble’s top performing members will earn a higher percentage of sales than they did in 2019.

Michael Johnson, President of Ensemble, said: “We are thrilled to be delivering on both our resolve to increase member earnings and to do it faster than in the past. But that commitment transcends profit sharing as our members are also earning more through the utilization of our ADX platform, which is providing some of the highest margins in the industry.”

Johnson continued: “The cumulative impact of the programs and initiatives we have launched is unparalleled in the consortia ecosystem and we remain fully focused on the future and to creating the most innovative resources and tools to ensure that our members are achieving the highest earning potential in the industry.”

Ensemble’s Executive Chairman, David Harris observed: “It’s truly gratifying to see the tangible results of the promises we made to members prior to the acquisition – including the commitment to provide profit sharing from year one.” Harris added: “This payout is a reflection of the faith and commitment that our members put in us to deliver on the assurances we made to rebuild the consortium while simultaneously helping them grow their businesses.”

Over the past several months, Ensemble’s leadership has been laser focused on the rebuilding and reimagining of the consortium with a focus on maximizing profitability for members.

Key to achieving that goal was the onboarding of members – which has surpassed 2,000 – onto ADX (Agent Digital Experience) – the proprietary booking platform that enables advisors to not only book all aspects of a client’s trip but also invoice in the same platform for maximum efficiency and is delivering on its promise to increase and maximize commissions.

Several innovative, new programs have also been launched including the introduction of new hotel and marketing programs; new branding including logos and a series of branded annual events; new FAM program – Further Your World; new print and digital publications including the launch of Range, a monthly digital magazine and Range Best, which features ideas and preferred partner offerings and promotions.

Ensemble also launched a new and enhanced DMC program offering myriad benefits for partners ranging from access to co-op marketing opportunities to opportunities to participate in Ensemble’s events to meet with members in person. The rebuilding of Ensemble has also focused on making significant investment in expanding the core team with several new positions in operations, partner and member relations, marketing and technology.

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