Ensemble hosts second annual Summit in Phoenix, Arizona

Ensemble recently held its second annual Summit event at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix from April 28-30.

Under the theme of the Power of Performance, the Summit brought together the network’s owners and managers for a series of high-level insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and engaging activities. 

Designed to address key issues related to operating a business in today’s dynamic landscape with a focus on driving high performance among every agency’s team, the Summit’s agenda featured a diverse range of topics tailored to meet the needs of attendees. Highlights of the exclusive gathering included sessions on understanding and leveraging data collection, a member-voted discussion on time management, and opportunities for one-on-one networking. 

 Networking & business opportunities

With over 70 partners represented across all verticals including air, cruise, hotel, DMC, tour, insurance, and technology, the Summit provided a unique platform for collaboration and innovation.

Attendees – which included several new members from the U.S. and Canada who joined the consortium within the last year – had the opportunity to connect directly with key supplier partners, explore new business opportunities, and forge valuable relationships to drive mutual success.   

In keeping with the theme and a focus on the challenges of operating a business, the Summit welcomed a top economist as keynote speaker. Scott Anderson, Ph.D., chief U.S. economist and managing director at BMO Capital Markets provided valuable insights into economic trends and their impact on the travel industry, offering attendees strategic guidance for navigating future challenges and opportunities. 

Ensemble’s second year of profit

Reflective of its commitment to deliver enhanced profitability and value to its members, Ensemble recently announced its second consecutive year of profit sharing with a remarkable 90 per cent of members increasing their payouts from the previous year. 

“As their consortium partner, we recognize that our members are not just travel professionals, but also savvy business owners,” said Michael Johnson, president of Ensemble. “It is incumbent upon us to equip them with the resources, tools, technology, and development opportunities essential for fostering growth and staying ahead in a competitive industry. Our Summit agenda is meticulously crafted to fulfill these objectives through comprehensive education, strategic networking, and candid discussions among peers.” 

About Summit

The Summit is part of Ensemble’s branded series of events aimed at providing industry professionals with opportunities for education, networking, and growth. 

Other recent events include a series of Skyline regional events across Canada to be followed by the U.S. and the second annual virtual event, which leads into a monthlong Uncharted expo throughout May that features weekly live programming, guiding advisors on a virtual voyage to various corners of the globe. 

Next month, Ensemble will celebrate its top performers with the inaugural Ensemble Beyond: Elevated Experiences from June 7-10 featuring a trip to Paris that includes exclusive access to the French Open at Roland-Garros and Horizons, the anchor event for the entire consortium that will take place in September at Resorts World International in Las Vegas.    

For more information, visit www.joinensemble.com.