Ensemble launches luxury certification program

Ensemble has launched its Luxury Certification Program, developed in collaboration with The Travel Institute.

This innovative program is designed to equip Ensemble’s members with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the luxury travel market, enabling them to distinguish themselves as elite professionals in the industry. 

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the following key areas: 

  • Understanding the Luxury Travel Market: Covering the scope and identifies current trends in luxury travel. 
  • Luxury Travel Products: Types of luxury travel products and their principal attributes. 
  • Identifying Luxury Travellers by type and characteristics. 
  • Strategies for Finding Luxury Travelers: Effective methods to locate and attract luxury clients. 
  • Brand and Marketing Planning: How to craft a brand and marketing plan that supports a luxury specialist focus. 
  • Sales Messaging: Tools to develop compelling sales messages that appeal to luxury travellers. 
  • Presentation Skills: Effective strategies to present luxury travel products. 

Becoming a certified luxury advisor

Upon completing the nine modules and validation by The Travel Institute, advisors will be eligible to take a final exam. In addition, advisors are required to submit an experiential checklist validating their work related to luxury travel over the past five years. 

Successful candidates will earn the prestigious title of TTI and Ensemble Certified Luxury Advisor, a mark of distinction that signifies their expertise and dedication to excellence in the luxury travel sector. 

“We are thrilled to partner with The Travel Institute to offer this comprehensive Luxury Certification Program,” said Jenn Kotacka, senior director, learning & performance for Ensemble. “This initiative reflects how Ensemble has elevated its position within the luxury travel sector and its commitment to providing our advisors with the best tools and resources to succeed in the evolving luxury travel market. Our goal is always to empower advisors to deliver unparalleled service and bespoke experiences to their discerning clients.” 

“Our new Luxury Certification Program exemplifies Ensemble’s commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the luxury travel sector,” added Beth Butzlaff, senior vice-president, partner relations for Ensemble. “Complementing our partnerships with the industry’s top suppliers, we provide our members with unparalleled training and support, enabling them to offer exceptional experiences to their clients. This program not only enhances our advisors’ expertise but also reinforces our position as a leader in luxury travel.” 

In keeping with its elevated presence as a leading modern boutique travel consortium, Ensemble announced earlier this year its expansion of offerings in the luxury travel sector with the announcement of several new partnerships and programs as well as the launch of its exclusive member community for advisors who specialize in luxury travel, Luxe Circles. 

For more information about joining Ensemble, visit www.joinEnsemble.com.