Ensemble members, partners ‘Come Together’ in Vegas

Ensemble Travel Group co-presidents Libbie Rice and Lindsay Pearlman (pictured) urged the more than 800 members, suppliers and guests in the audience of the 2012 Ensemble Travel Group International Conference to stay “far beyond relevant”with their clients in order to deliver unparalleled value to their travel experiences. “Regardless if you’re a travel agent or supplier, you must stay close to the customer, embrace technology, differentiate yourself, and serve as the client’s conduit to experiences they can’t get on their own,”said Rice during the conference’s opening general session at Red Rock Resort. “And it’s our job at Ensemble to provide you with the tools, programs, and services that help you achieve that relevance while also earning a profit.”Based on a conference theme of “Come Together”to underscore the organization’s North American membership and successful partnerships with suppliers around the globe, the two executives crafted their remarks around three pillars: revenue, tools/programs, and community. According to Pearlman, revenue is directly tied to the successful relationship Ensemble has with its network of powerful preferred suppliers. “Over the years, the purpose of these relationships has evolved from strictly commission-based to a more holistic, multi-level strategy… a strategy where everyone wins – our members, partners, Ensemble, and of course, your clients.”The organization has stepped up its emphasis on helping members maximize share shift to grow their revenue. One-on-one discussions as well as owner/manager calls focus on meeting quarterly and yearly targets and goals with preferred partners. “During these discussions with members, we always drill down to the why,”said Rice. “As a co-operative organization, each member shares in the profits. When members know and understand the financial reason and implication for each strategy you can bet their sales focus quickly recalibrates.”On the technology front, a number of new Ensemble tools and programs were also announced during the opening general session, including news to expand “Ensemble E-Matrix 360″to members in Canada. Powered by ClientBase Marketing Services, the service offers members the flexibility and choice of a completely turnkey e-mail marketing approach, as well as the ability to manage the program themselves, opting in and out of specific promotions.