Ensemble officially becomes North American company

As the result of recent bylaw changes, Canadian members of Ensemble Travel Group will officially become shareholders in the North American company. The changes give Canadian members the ability to purchase a share in the organization and become full-fledged owners of Ensemble Travel Group. “This change is about our evolution to officially becoming the only North American travel co-operative in our business. To truly ‘North Americanize’ Ensemble, it is imperative that there be consistency on both sides of our border. The new bylaws allow that to happen – and much more,”said Lindsay Pearlman, co-president, Ensemble Travel Group. Ensemble has always been an organization developed by the members for the members. The creation of a single North American board made up of Canadians and Americans brings consistency and strength to its operation. The board consists of a group of retailers that understands local and global business needs, and whose voices represent different business models. The company’s focus continues to be on the development of products and services that drive productivity and revenues that help build its members’ business. That success leads to increased profit sharing in a member-owned organization, providing the best return on investment. The new strategy allows Ensemble to build on its current platform, creating efficiencies by providing North American-wide solutions in areas such as technology and marketing, thereby leveraging opportunities that may not currently exist in either market. For example, members will benefit at a local level from a North American booking platform that provides access to products and markets that were previously difficult to access. The change also greatly benefits Ensemble’s Preferred Partners by providing a consistent and efficient delivery channel for their products to a North American market. Elections for the new North American board are expected to take place in April.