Ensemble Top Producers Donate To Ukrainian Refugees

Ensemble Travel Group has a tradition of incorporating a charity or community outreach component at all of its conferences, and its top producers – who were attending the Ensemble Elite trip aboard the AmaMagna recently — “packed with a purpose” to help those impacted by the Ukrainian conflict.

The 150 attendees brought suitcases filled with items such as blankets, diapers, personal hygiene kits with everything from toothbrushes to razors, that were donated to a local humanitarian organization in Budapest, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, for distribution.

David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group, said that: “While the purpose of this trip is to celebrate the top advisors of our consortium, our members have communicated to us that they also want to do something meaningful to help those impacted by this horrible situation.”

Harris added that: “It was truly heartwarming to see attendees arrive with extra suitcases filled with items to donate and to know that they will be helping those in need.”