Enter The Tourist


In this week’s issue of Travel Courier, Ian Stalker reports that the Hong Kong Tourism Board has a new message for international visitors that makes a point of showcasing the Pearl of the Orient’s unique experiences.

The HKTB’s man in Canada, Michael Lim told a Toronto gathering last week that Hong Kong is home to some “very unique tours” that include its cuisine, heritage, ecology and kung fu, with the latter in part exploring famed kung fu practicioner Bruce Lee’s ties with Hong Kong.

“Creativity is very important to Hong Kong,” Lim said of tours and festivals that visitors can experience.

The destination last year saw 54,298,804 visitors, up a solid 11.7% from the previous year.

Canadian visitors average 4.7 nights on their stays.

Lim reported that Hong Kong closed out 2013 with an estimated 70,152 hotel rooms and annual increases are expected through 2017, when the room inventory is expected to reach 77,980 guest units.

He also said that Hong Kong’s festive nature ensures that tourists will have no trouble being entertained.

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